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About Company

Green Country BH is a company that was founded with the desire and purpose of promotion and development of tourism in our country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The commitment and hard work are the main motto of our company. Our success is a satisfied client. Green country in its wide range of tourist services offers special packages such as medical and dental travel arrangements. Accommodation in first class hotels of deluxe categories, as well as villas and houses are what distinguishes our company from the usual tourism offers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Organised travel throughout the country, day trips, tours of historical sites in Sarajevo and other ancient cities around the country are part of our offer, which does not leave anyone indifferent. As a part of our offer, we also include the rental of professional and luxury vehicles as well as the transfer from the airport to your destination. Our company offers real estate rental properties for the longer / shorter periods of time. Green country mediates sell / purchase of the properties within the region. In addition, we offer tourist destinations outside of B@H and different arrangements within Balkans as well as distant destination through EU and the world.


The goal of our company is to promote beautiful country in the sphere of tourism and contribute to the development of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the highest professional level. BiH is abundant in natural and historical sites which is the main interest for the tourists from around the world.


Our vision is to maintain and future develop the offer for tourists, which encompass specialized offers of the higher standards of service delivery as well as foreign investments in tourism facilities in BiH.

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